Skills for Migrant Entrepreneurs

“Skills for Migrant Entrepreneurs” is an Erasmus+ funded project focusing on the promotion of entrepreneurship in migrants and refugees. This integration of migrants and refugees in the workforce could benefit the EU countries. It could boost their economies by reinforcing their training thus giving them the support necessary to become new entrepreneurs. The project aims to develop tools (guides, online training, and reports) that will assist the integration and the establishment of new businesses conjured by skilled migrants.

To fulfil our goal there will be:

  • 6 Project Meetings
  • 1 Joint Staff Training Event
  • 6 Multiplier Events
  • 5 Intellectual Outputs.

Objectives / Activities

  • Prepare examples of activities for social integration of refugees;
  • Contribute to practices for innovative education regarding disadvantaged groups;
  • Exchange of good practices and cooperation concerning the refugees;
  • Affect changes regarding behavior that will reflect a positive attitude towards refugees;
  • Increase the personnel’s skills and abilities;
  • Develop the entrepreneurial skills of migrants;
  • Enhance the capacity of various organizations working with migrants/refugees;
  • Develop networks and links at local, national and international level;
  • Develop cross-border communication and collaboration skills;
  • Οpen the cultural horizons by adding up to the information regarding each culture
  • Foster equity, social cohesion, and active citizenship;
  • Promote a modern dynamic, environment within the organizations;
  • Evolve and bring to the next quality level all the projects and operations

Final outcomes

  • Report on training needs for migrants;
  • Training the Migrants Trainers Guide;
  • Skills for Migrants Entrepreneurs Guide;
  • Migrants and Refugees Social Workers Guide;
  • Online Training Course for Migrants Entrepreneurs;

The partners:

  • IFALL – Integration För Alla
  • EURO-NET (Italy)
  • Predict CSD Consulting (Romania)
  • Danube University Krems (Austria)
  • Peace Journalism Lab, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • CO.RI.S.S. (Italy)
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