Webinar Announcement: “Football: Not a Men’s Game Only” & “Disinformation in the Covid-19 environment: Challenges in the new environment”

Webinar «Football: Not a Men’s Game Only»

DCN SEE HubDigital Communication Network and World Learning are organizing, via Zoom, the webinar Football: Not a Men’s Game Only“, which will take place in the 10th of September at 17:30 (Athens Time).

How many times have you heard “Football is a men’s game?” Despite the preconceived ideas and prejudices, football (soccer) is one of the most popular female sports, with about 30 million girls and women playing it worldwide. As the World Cup has vividly shown, women’s football is growing in popularity and status with increasing participation, professionalization, and media attention across the world.

A survey of 3,000 players in 33 different countries found that a professional football career for women is hard to sustain in the face of low pay, a lack of contractual support, and commitments away from the pitch. Worldwide, a series of allegations have arisen, including discrimination and harassment. Also, issues such as equality in working conditions and salary balance are hurting women’s football. Around the world, girls and women continue to face unique challenges: personal, practical, economic, political, and cultural.

The good news is that there is a growing interest in the sport, at grassroots, club, and international levels. The World Cup semi-final between England and the U.S. attracted an average audience of 10.3 million viewers on the BBC in the UK and 7 million viewers on Fox, in the US.

To address challenges and opportunities as well as sustainable development strategies, the webinar assembled a prestigious panel of experts:

Brandi Chastain │2 time FIFA Women’s World cup champion, 2time Olympic gold medalist│ US

Marcia Taffarel │Former Brazilian National team player │Director, COPA kids at Copa Soccer TrainingCenter │ Brazil

Paige Nielsen │Professional Soccer Player, Washington Spirit│ USA

Soleen Al-Zou’bi │ Head of Women’s Football, Jordan Football Federation; FIFA Technical Expert │ Jordan

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This webinar is part of World Learning’s International Sports Programming Initiative for Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa Program (ISPI) —Virtual Together program, a series of virtual events, launched in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. ISPI is a program of U.S. Department of State’s Sports Diplomacy division. The series aims to engage the sports community globally, to creatively problem solve, share digital tools and work together, follow health guidance, and continue to promote active, healthy lifestyles both physically and mentally throughout this crisis. Additional modules related to these objectives are being developed and will be announced.The webinar is produced by Digital Communication Network, a diverse professional coalition in the digital space.

Webinar: “Disinformation in the Covid-19 environment: Challenges in the new environment”

DCN SEE HubDigital Communication Network and World Learning are organizing, via Zoom, the webinar Disinformation in the Covid-19 environment: Challenges in the new environment“, which will take place in the 11th of September at 17:00 (Athens Time). Nikos S. Panagiotou, Associate Professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, will be the Moderator of this webinar.

The Covid-19 epidemic has given rise to an avalanche of disinformation. Disinformation and misinformation is quickly and widely disseminated across the Internet, reaching and potentially influencing many people.

As effective new treatments and vaccines become available, disinformation could hinder uptake and further jeopardise countries’ efforts to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. In this environment it is more than crucial to discuss on current efforts and initiatives in order to tackle a great challenge for our democracies, trust in institutions and communication environment.

The webinar will discuss a) the new environment that arise b) challenges for states, societies and media organizations c) will discuss initiatives to tackle the current situation and respond to these challenges.

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Dr. Nikos S. Panagiotou │Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | Director DCN SEE Hub

• Zoi Pahounti, Head of CSR & Citizens’ Communication Department, at ERT (Greek Broadcasting Corporation)
• Dr. Angelos Kaskanis| Project Manager, Tactics Institute for Security and Counter-Terrorism
• Filip Stojanovski | Director for Partnership and Resource Development at Metamorphosis Foundation and manager of the Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens.

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