#pressEU_NextGen project

Ιn light of the upcoming 2019 European Parliament elections, the project aims to enhance awareness, interest and knowledge among Greek citizens of the importance of the elections and the key benefits of taking part in the democratic process by voting. Through a range of interactive and informative tools and actions, such as campaigns, debates, online platforms, workshops and guides, we focus on making the European project more transparent, by engaging voters and improve their understanding why the European elections matter.

The project seeks to reach out to as wide and diverse a public as possible. However, it has placed particular effort in two objectives are addressed in particular, which correspond to more specific targeted segments of the population:

  • Reaching out to new voters: The project has actions and tools especially designed for potential young voters in order for them to become actual voters. Young voters represent a crucial target group for the get-out-the-vote effort. The actions are likely to reach and benefit this specific group of citizens due to the fact that they are something that young people can relate to an find extremely useful and interesting.
  • Press coverage drives public support: EU elections need to become more visible. In order to increase and improve the level of information and knowledge about the European elections, the project puts strong emphasis on educating journalists and media practitioners, who are the first and most effective multipliers of political message and news literacy for the EU elections to the people. The workshops are addressed to journalists from national and local media outlets, with the responsibility to cover the European elections across the country. The project aims to ensure that citizens are properly and fully informed, on the one hand by educating the journalists on the operational functionality of the European Parliament and on the other hand by highlighting cases of disinformation. In addition, the project includes a Journalists’ Practical Guide that offers helpful advice, useful links and examples of good media practices.

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