Journalism during the pandemic – Experiences from Greece and abroad

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wednesday 6th of MAY 2020 | 16:30 | mittwoch 6. mai 2020

Journalism during the pandemic – Experiences from Greece and abroad

Project’s Languages: Greek – German (simultaneous interpretation)

During a time of symbolic and special value, amidst the International Day for Freedom of the Press (3rd of May) and Day of Europe (9th of May), we talk about the role of journalism during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This Wednesday, 6th of May 2020, experts from Athens, Berlin, Brussels and Thessaloniki exchange opinions about the relationship between citizens and journalists. How was the pandemic covered? Was there an improvement in the trust of citizens towards the media? Was the freedom of the press secured? What is the quality of the news output?

The discussion will take place online.


  • Renate Schröder, Director, European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), Brussels
  • Nikos Panagiotou, Deputy Professor, Faculty of Journalism and Mass Media, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
  • George Pappas, Journalist, President of the Correspondents Union of Foreign Press in Germany, Berlin
  • Marion Sendker, Journalist, Correspondent of German Mass Media in Turkey, Istanbul/Constantinople

Moderation: Elina Makri, Journalist, Athens


Journalismus in Zeiten der Pandemie – Erfahrungen aus Griechenland und dem Ausland

Arbeitssprachen: Deutsch – Griechisch (mit Simultanübersetzung)


  • Renate Schröder, Direktorin, Europäische Journalisten Föderation (EFJ), Brüssel
  • Nikos Panagiotou, stellv. Professor, Fakultät für Journalismus und Massenmedien, Aristoteles Universität, Thessaloniki
  • Georgios Pappas, Journalist, Vorsitzender des Vereines der ausländischen Presse in Deuschland e.V., Berlin
  • Marion Sendker, Journalistin, Korrespondentin deutscher Medien in der Türkei, Istanbul

Moderation: Elina Makri, Journalistin, Athen

The discussion will take place online and will be broadcasted on Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Greece and Cyprus on Facebook ( see the event here

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