Announcement: “Catalyst or Destabiliser?: COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Media Landscape Worldwide”

The Kondrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation is organizing the discussion “Catalyst or Destabiliser?: COVID-19 and its impact on the Media Landscape Worldwide”, focusing on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected on a global level, the sector of mass media, amongst others.

“COVID-19 and the Media”: As with so many “COVID-19 and …” topics, this is a correlation that works both ways. It is obvious that the quality
of the media coverage that people consume during the pandemic can have an influence on how they behave and thus accelerate or slow down the spread of the virus. At the same time, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the conditions under which media outlets and journalists work in many ways. The plastic covers over reporters’ microphones, which have become commonplace, are only the most superficial expression of this. This publication aims to investigate the diverse consequences the virus has on the media landscape in different regions of the world.

“COVID-19 and …” topics often evoke negative associations. This is understandable given the economic, social and – most importantly – human damage caused by the virus. And, needless to say, the pandemic has also posed enormous challenges for the media and journalists worldwide. It has cost many their jobs, some even more. Nevertheless, this publication would explicitly like to highlight the opportunities the pandemic could have for this industry. When if
not now – many of our authors ask – would be the time to convince people of the value (including the monetary value) of fact-based, independent journalism?

The eleven regional or country-specific contributions we have compiled, are deliberately as diverse in style as the situation in these countries and regions.

Catalyst or Destabiliser? COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Media Landscape Worldwide – Germany

Catalyst or Destabiliser? COVID-19 and its Impact on the worlds Media Landscape – Sub-Saharan Africa:

Catalyst or Destabiliser? COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Media Landscape Worldwide – USA:

– Shen Lu, Karolina Zbytniewska, Daphne Wolter, Nicolás Guzmán, Reem Maghribi, Mila Serafimova, Nikos S. Panagiotou, Christoph Plate, Joel Konopo, Asha Mwilu, Sabine Murphy

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